Sunday, September 16, 2012

Standing, Dejected, Employed.

This is a composition by Kyle Farrell. This piece was originally one section of the larger work 'Compromised Transitions' which was performed by (the) Giants of Gender and Kathleen Larrick at the Living Arts of Tulsa, OK New Genre Festival XV in 2008. I have since added improvisation in two places and expanded some repeated material. It is currently the only piece I perform that was not written entirely by me.

Throughout the piece you will see me swinging wildly from side to side. This is to create a 'doppler effect' by changing the position of the origin of  the sound in relation to the microphone in an effort to create a sense of space or depth. It is noticeable in the video but nothing compared to the effect that is created in a live environment. Credit to Sam Newsome and Jane Ira Bloom for being amongst the first to discover this technique.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sound of MU Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who came to the show at Sound of MU last night. 
This was really a special show for me since it was my first in Norway!
Tusen takk!!